energetic art by innerwise and uwe albrecht
fractal art by Minghao Xu - voidvisuals.com


Lord, make me an instrument of your peace:
Where there is hatred, let me sow love.
Where there is injury, pardon.
Where there is discord, union.
Where there is doubt, faith.
Where there is despair, hope.
Where there is sadness, joy.
Where there is darkness, light.

St. Francis of Assisi


The flower of life

With the flower of life as the basic structure of Being, the circle is squared.

A three-dimensional cube is formed with 1,729 spheres, starting from a single circle in the center.

Crop circles

Make Me An Instrument, like the entire innerwise system, unites two prin­ciples: the structurizing principle in the form of eight crop circles fused at the center, and the energizing principle with the flower of life.

Crop circles are a type of earth-energy acu­puncture and a geometric library of wisdom.


Healing through harmony

The universe, life, love and health are all harmonious principles. They are subject to an internal order and emit a harmonious sound. Illness, destruction and hatred are disharmonious; they’re often based on rigidities and fears. The interplay of elements is out of tune. The energy level drops instead of rises. Healing can take place when disharmony is transformed back into harmony, and rigidity into flow.


When you’re in the flow, serendipity carries you from one experience to the next. All is offered to you at the right time, and it is up to you to accept and go with it. Life requires perseverance, action and taking responsibility; but life is not supposed to be a struggle. If you have to struggle, you are not in the flow. When you are in the flow and you want to maintain it, it is your responsibility to live in integrity without compromise. Our greatest challenges in life are inner, often subconscious, self-sabotage programs. The most common of these programs and charges include feelings of being unworthy of love, feelings of worthlessness, or feelings of guilt. innerwise helps you identify the cause of these feelings and resolve charges with the support of energy patterns. It is essential that we live and act in harmony with our soul purpose. Only then can this flow emerge.


Intelligent systems

God is intelligent. If we can let God reveal His / Her intelligence to us, miracles can happen. The innerwise hologram Make Me An Instrument is a divine equivalent, an intelligent healing system that we’re offered for our own use. The One needs duality to ex­perience and fulfill itself.

Be alert and awake in prayer

Intelligent energy systems provide specific answers that correspond to the user’s consciousness. The clearer and more precise the question, the clearer and more powerful the answer. In the “grand scheme of life,” this ensures that the person asking the question is also ready for the answer.

Energy healing is not faith healing. Instead of pleading, “God, free me from all my sins and suffering,” it focuses on asking direct questions: What? Why? When? and What for? This is the only way humans can learn from experience and transform it, grow from it, and grow up. Exploration and understanding are essential in order to recognize the underlying principle and to be able to live differently in the future.

A space that sees

I see what you can’t see.

The earth is flat, says the hiker.
The earth is huge, says the moon.
The earth is small and revolves around me, says the sun.
From their own perspectives, they are all correct.

Yet, all these perspectives are irrelevant when it comes to grasping the entire system with cause and effect. This requires an even more com­pre­hen­sive and holistic vision.

Problems or disturbances present themselves to people only within certain windows of opportunity and at certain times.

It is like the 12 dimensions of Being. If I look at something from the first three dimensions, which are length, width and height, I can already see more than someone looking at the same thing from one single point only. But I’m still missing the dimension of time. If I were able to see from all 12 dimensions, I would gain an all-encompassing view and truly realize all there is. Yet this is almost superhuman. For this reason, we make use of the flower of life to see. The 12-layer flower-of-life hologram offers an equivalent of the 12 dimensions – a space that includes everything where all can be seen.

It sees.

The magic of pure light

Throughout our lives, various kinds of energy wavefields surround us and flow through us, and affect us either consciously or subconsciously. Inde­pendent of time and space, electro­magnetic fields, lightwave fields, gravitational fields and morphic fields interactively interconnect the universe and all matter – all that is alive, including the human spirit – within a higher consciousness in an all-embracing manner.

All these wavefields carry information and transport energy flows that have an effect on our minds, our lives and our health. A simple and common example are radio waves: Through technology, such as antennae or radio and TV receivers, they convey all kinds of messages or information that try to influence us. With electro­magnetic lightwave fields, it’s a different story. We’re able to see the content transported via these wavefields and images as we receive, store and process it. This means that we can let it affect us and work in us, consciously or subconsciously.

In the Make Me An Instrument hologram, we used the purest form of light available to us humans: laser light. As it consists of one single wavelength only, it is not yet charged with any modulations when it is created – that is, there’s no “polluting” content It is born out of pure energy.

Johannes Matthiesen, Eike Hinrichs

Storing energy wavefields
in the hologram

The effect of the lightwave fields emana­ted by the hologram results from the process of developing and creating the structures. Based on profound scientific findings and spiri­tual insights, the hologram’s harmony was composed like a sym­phony in the truest sense of the word, and made to resound.

This symphony resides in the meta­physical geometry en­com­passing the 12 dimensions, and in the crop-circle structures inside the flower of life, which was stored in the purest existing form of light directly in the hologram. Adjusted lighting can make the emanating energies visible again. If you then “listen” with your eyes, you will perceive the wonderful, healing spherical sounds emanated by the hologram that flow through you.

Johannes Matthiesen, Eike Hinrichs

The hologram – a perfect image

The word hologram is derived from the ancient Greek word stems “holos” = whole, and “gramma” = writing / message.

In commonly used digital data and image storage, information content is reduced to the smallest possible data packets “0” and “1” – that is, “yes” and “no,” in a dual system. In holography, it’s different: Here, complex messages are recorded “holistically” as more-dimensional images of the entire lightwave front emitted by the sender of the “message.” This kind of recording corresponds to our brain’s “holistic” analog and more-dimen­sional way of recording information. Therefore, the scientific community tends to speak more and more of a “holographic brain” and of “holographic consciousness.” It is fascinating and astounding to realize that similar to the human brain’s neuronal networks, in a hologram each bit of information is connected to (or networked with) others as well. When a glass hologram is broken, for example, we can still see the entire image of the recorded object or message in each individual fragment of glass as we look through it. A particularly exciting observation is that our brain (just like a hologram) doesn’t record individual digitalized data, but rather, complex wavefields that are able to resonate and interact with other wavefields (such as with the morphogenetic fields of a “superordinate” consciousness). The resulting range of holographic communication possibilities is immense and hasn’t been fully explored yet. Again initiated by light, the holographic image of a message creates and sends a reconstruction of the original message to the viewer.

An oft-repeated and more philosophical question is whether the message re­constructed in this way is, in fact, an image, or the actual reproduced original message, since these types of information are absolutely identical.

Johannes Matthiesen