Holographic healing

Healing with holographic spaces and number codes created freely using the healing code generator.

Holographic healing is healing with holographic spaces and number codes that manifest their effects like healing energies.

The hologram represents a harmonious healing space based on the flower of life.
The flower of life was designed in 3D in 12 layers, which resulted in a cube—even to our surprise.

You can enter this cube virtually and let this harmony take effect.
Or you can achieve specific effects using the number codes—imagine letting them resound like music in a healing room.


The Hologram is

A magic healing space for people, animals, plants, and living and work spaces!
Activation formulas and codes to help you find your sense of vitality and true joy of life!
Evolutionary technology and healing!
The largest embossed hologram in the world ever made with this complexity!
Energetic design of living and work spaces for a harmonious atmosphere on all levels!



Dive into the Hologram background

Healing-code generator

Create your individual healing codes that unfold their effects in the holographic space of “Make Me An Instrument.”


To do so, write your wish or goal—the optimal state—into this field.
Important: Don’t enter any negative symptoms!


Test how many healing codes are needed and enter the number here (often 1, sometimes more)


Click on Generate code



Your personal healing codes:



How to apply the healing codes

Look at the hologram and immerse yourself in it, or visualize being in the hologram.
Now visualize letting the healing codes enter the holographic space like sound clouds.
To make this step easier, you can simply place your hand on the codes while doing so.